Ruby on Rails Consulting

Is your app having scaling issues? Has your developer recently abandoned you? Are you sitting on a mountain of bad code? Is your project not progressing as expected? Do you have a legacy platform that need to be updated? We can help.

Business Model Development

So what's your blueprint to deliver value to your end user? – It's a loaded question but probably the first one that needs to be addressed before a project's inception. Without this clarity, it is difficult to create great software.

Experience Design

Our user centered design approach is agile and lean and starts with understanding your users’ needs, goals, and motivations. We employ customer journeys, personas, storyboarding, prototyping & wireframes to help facilitate these conversations and to rapidly develop user-centric experiences.


Application Platforms

In today's world where everything and everybody exists on the web, organizations need a to take a platform approach to building integrated systems seamlessly interconnected through API's.

Mobile Development

The mobile web has quickly become an integral aspect of our everyday lives.Gone are the days when apps could live on the web aloneand mobile was optional. We always consider mobile a mandatory strategic aspect to everything we do.

Web Development

Ruby on rails is powerful framework that is designed with agility in mind, and one that takes agile principles to heart, almost obsessively, yet plays nice with other technologies (.Net, Java, etc.).


Development Partner

Do you need more than just great code? Do you need a partner that shares a commitment to your vision? Let us be your technology partner and avoid the headache of continually contracting work out.

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